Whole Home Inspection

TC Home Inspections will conduct a thorough home inspection, from the roof to the slab, to identify any potential problems and offer solutions. While other home inspection companies may avoid places like the attic, or simply peer at the roof from the ground or on top of a ladder, our home inspectors roll up their sleeves and dive right in. Our home inspectors crawl through the dusty attic, trek over the roof, look in closets and corners, careful not to miss anything important. Within 48 hours of your home inspection, you will receive a detailed, easy-to-read home inspection report with clearly labeled color photographs. This comprehensive home inspection report will equip you, the homebuyer, with the knowledge and information to re-negotiate price, ask for repairs prior to closing, or build in an allowance for the buyer to make repairs. Home inspection reports can be emailed, printed and mailed, or both! And we'll hang on to an electronic copy of your home inspection report, just in case you lose yours or have questions, even years down the road. As we are a member of InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), a Florida Licensed Home Inspector, and a State Certified Building Contractor, you can have confidence that your inspection is being conducted by a knowledgeable professional home inspector with extensive training and experience. We have inspected over 6,000 homes to date and still counting.

Preparing for your Whole Home Inspection

·        Ensure that water and electricity are on at the time of your whole home inspection.

·        Arrange reasonable access to the home.  Make arrangements with tenants, current owners and/or real estate agents as needed.

·        Inform your inspector of any specific concerns you have prior to your whole home inspection.

·        Provide unobstructed access to your attic, electrical panel, water heater, under-sink plumbing and air conditioning units.  If we can't see it, we can't inspect it.

·         Unlock all gates and doors so your home inspector can easily access the exterior of your house during your home inspection.