Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind inspection is your best bet to save money on your current homeowners insurance policy. Getting a wind mitigation inspection can save you up to 60% on your homeowners insurance.

Actual windstorm inspection results!


before inspection Rate $1,501.63
after inspection Rate - $ 662.63
wind inspection savings $879.00


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Facts about Insurance Discount Inspections.

  • Windstorm discounts by your current homeowners insurance company are required by Florida Law.
  • A wind mitigation inspection is required by your homeowners insurance company to receive these windstorm discounts.
  • Insurance discounts are Given to 90% of the homeowners who have had a windstorm inspection.
  • homeowners insurance providers are required by Florida Law to tell you about the discounts you can receive with a windstorm inspection.
  • Wind mitigation inspection information is in the fine print of your current homeowners insurance policy (really take a look it might say windstorm inspection or wind inspection).
  • Over 400,000 windstorm inspections have been paid for by the state of Florida.
  • Wind mitigation inspections have been advertised by the state of Florida at a cost of millions of tax payer and insurance company dollars.
  • Windstorm inspection applications are no longer being accepted by the state of Florida's My Safe Florida Home Program.

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