Construction Services

TC Home Inspections is owned and operated by a Florida State Certified Building Contractor and State Licensed Home Inspector. Because we are state certified building contractors, we offer many services that other inspection companies are unable to provide. Whether you need hurricane shutters, new windows and doors, retrofitting straps to lower your insurance rates, or a complete home remodel, we can help.


Hurricane Strap Repairs

We know exactly what your insurance company requires in order to get your discounts and have performed hundreds of repairs that have saved our customers thousands on their insurance rates.

Clip or strap without the required minimum 3 nails to qualify for a clip or strap discount? We can add them.

Clip or strap over 1/2 inches and less than 1 1/2 inches from the trusses? We can correct it by blocking the strap.

Clip or strap over 1 1/2 inches from the trusses? We can replace the strap or clip with a new one that will qualify for a discount.


Hurricane Shutters

In order to get a shutter discount, all openings (windows, doors, garage doors, skylights) must be fully protected with impact rated products. Many shutter companies do not completely understand the insurance requirements that must be met in order to qualify for a wind mitigation shutter discount. When unknowledgeable shutter contractors perform shutter installations, unnecessary additional expenses and frustration can be incurred by the homeowner. We let you know exactly what must be accomplished up front so you can make an informed, correct decision as to what type and quantity of shutters is right for your home. When you contact TC Home Inspections Inc. to install your shutters, you know you will not have to pay unnecessary additional permit fees and reinspection fees due to misunderstandings about insurance wind mitigation requirements.


Window & Door Replacements

TC Home Inspections Inc. will replace your old, ugly, broken, non-energy efficient windows and doors with new, energy efficient, impact rated windows and doors. With your new impact rated windows and doors you can save energy cost as well as relax before the next big hurricane while your neighbors are rushing to install their shutters. Impact windows will allow natural light in so you don't have to be in the dark while watching the next storm from the safety and comfort of your home. As you get older, the more you will appreciate not having to install heavy shutters on all of your windows and doors.


Attic Insulation

Our inspectors spend a lot of time in attics and have noticed that may Florida homes are not properly insulated. Investments in additional insulation will pay for itself many times over in energy savings and lower utility bills.

Current Department of Energy recommendations for attic insulation are R-38 for central Florida. Click here for your particular zip code recommendations.

Soffit & Siding Replacement

We can replace your deteriorated wood soffit with long lasting aluminum soffit to give your house a fresh new look. Adding new perforated soffit will add additional attic venting resulting lower attic temperatures and lower cooling cost.

Replacing deteriorated wood siding with long lasting Hardie Board or vinyl siding will give your house a fresh new look.