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Even if you live in a new home that contains shutters, tie downs, enhanced deck attachments (all required by Florida Building Code in WBD areas), you still are probably not receiving the required wind mitigation discount. Not to mention, if you have a hip roof, you may qualify for additional wind mitigation discounts.

T.C. Home Inspections, Inc. offers many different inspections including Wind Mitigation inspections, 4 Point inspections, Whole home inspections, and Roof Inspections.


Q: Why Should I Get a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

A: If you have not had a Wind Mitigation Inspection on your house, you are paying too much for your homeowner's insurance. Save up to 60%! (Average savings around 25%).


Q: Why Would My Insurance Company Give Wind Mitigation Discounts?

A: The State of Florida now REQUIRES Insurance Companies to offer REDUCED RATES for homes containing certain Hurricane resistant features. But insurance companies will not automatically give you wind mitigation discounts. Homeowners, like you, have to ask for these discounts and prove that you deserve an insurance discount by having a wind mitigation inspection performed by a qualified wind mitigation inspector. This is where T.C. Home Inspections, Inc. come in.


Q: Do I need to have hurricane shutters to qualify for wind mitigation inspection discounts?

A: No. Many other construction features can also qualify for a wind mitigation inspection discounts.


Q: What Will The Wind Mitigation Inspector Be Looking For?

A: T.C. Home Inspection, Inc. will send a State Certified Inspector to inspect your home's Roof Covering, Roof Deck Attachment, Roof to Wall Connection, Roof Geometry,  Secondary Water Resistance (SWR), and Opening Protection. These Aspects of your home will determine whether or not you qualify for insurance discounts. The wind mitigation inspection will take about twenty minutes.


Q: Will my insurance company drop me if I have them lower my rates?

A: No, The wind mitigation inspection discounts are justified because stronger, more wind-resistant structures have lower windstorm losses, which mean reduced costs to insurance companies. Insurance companies like to know what they are insuring and, in most cases, they are the ones that tell you about the wind mitigation inspections.


Q: Who is qualified to do wind mitigation inspections?


• A Florida licensed general, residential or building contractor

• A licensed building inspector or home inspector

• A registered architect

• An engineer in the State of Florida

• A building code official (who is duly authorized by the State of Florida or its county’s municipalities to verify building code compliance).


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