roof certifications

TC Home Inspections roof inspectors are knoledgeable when it comes to roofs. Our roof certification report will let you know if a new roof will be required by your insurance underwriter. Your roof inspector will take clear pictures of any roof covering damage, so you can easily identify where repairs are needed.

In many cases metal roofs that are at or near the end of there useful life, can be certified for another ten years by applying elastomiric coatings. This can be a lower cost alternative when compared to roof replacement.

Roof Certification reports are delivered electronically following business day unless additional reserch time is required for your particular property. You will receive a detailed, easy-to-read roof certification report with clear color photographs. Roof certification reports can be emailed or printed and mailed. And TC Home Inspections will hang on to an electronic copy of your roof certification report, just in case you lose yours or have questions, even years down the road. As we are a member of InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), a Florida Licensed Home Inspector, and a State Certified Building Contractor, you can have confidence that your inspection is being conducted by a knowledgeable professional. We have inspected over 6,000 homes to date and still counting.

Preparing for your Roof Certification

·        Arrange reasonable access to the home.  Make arrangements with tenants, current owners and/or real estate agents as needed.

·        Inform your inspector of any roofing contracts or permits, and have it ready so he or she can review them at the time of inspection.

·         Properly repair any damaged or missing roof coverings, and repair any leaks and past water stains. 

·        Provide resonable access to the interior your house so our inspector can observe any signs of past or present leaks.